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1. What Area Of Apparel Does SAS Specialise In?

Our business has three distinct arms – Connolly & Sons wholesales school uniforms, the Uniform Shoppe retails on behalf of schools and SAS Sport produces high quality sports apparel – and they all work in tandem to provide the ultimate one-stop shop for school and sports uniforms. SAS has been supplying leading-edge apparel to a variety of men’s and women’s sports for two decades, including elite teams such as the NZ Breakers basketball team and the Kiwis rugby league team.

2. What Is Your Competitive Edge?

Because we are supported by our own ethical manufacturing operations in Thailand and Sri Lanka, efficiencies are maximised with raw materials, fabric supplies, human resources, delivery channels and sales execution. Design, production, printing and embroidery are all conducted in-house with great pride and attention to detail. SAS listens to its customers and gladly feeds off their creativity and passion to be the best and wear the best.

3. What Makes You Different From Other Apparel Manufacturers?

Our heart! The apparel industry is not an easy environment. Problems arise. It’s how these issues are dealt with that matters most. SAS Sport is outcome-focused, not output oriented. We are solution specialists. We aim to be perfect, but if we’re not we accept responsibility and fix problems. We promise to have your best interests at heart, to provide peace of mind and continually show that good mates work hard for each other. That is what sets SAS apart from its competitors.

4. Can We Have That In Writing?

We can do better than that! We have made a firm commitment to our partners and customers – a solemn pact – to a) aim high b) work hard c) provide solutions and d) fix problems. The CUSTOMER PACT is now at the heart of our stakeholder relationships and showcases our respect for our clients and our desire to do right by them, to always have their back.

5. Why Would We Switch Business To SAS Sport?

Because we are true to our word and committed to exceeding customer expectations. Recent stakeholder research has been a real eye-opener for us, revealing that clients respect our manufacturing abilities, admire our desire to accept challenges, provide solutions and take responsibility, and – most importantly – love our gear. They say we listen; we’re supportive, humble and real; we respect relationships and treat clients like family; we respond well to challenges and we go above and beyond to deliver. Basically, we take responsibility and we won’t let you down. How many apparel partners have that sort of relationship?

6. Where Can We Buy SAS Apparel?

The first two ports of call are Shop Online and Design Your Own where 90% of your needs will be met thanks to some online magic. If you do need some personal service please feel free to email or call us +64 9 299 8412. We’re here to help.

7. What Is Sublimation Printing?

Dyes are applied to a printing paper and then transferred to the fabric with the help of a heat press. Sublimation is ideal for getting detailed designs onto garments.

8. What Is Screen Printing?

The transfer of a stencilled design onto fabric through a mesh,  printing the chosen image on to the garment. This technique is ideal for enhancing colour vibrancy.

8. What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of stitching designs onto a garment. It is ideal to keep the design durable and to get a great impact on logos.

8. What Is Applique?

The process of dye patch to imprint directly onto a single layer of fabric which can sew onto the garments. Applique is the perfect technique to obtain different textures and effects.

Feel Free To Contact Us If You Have Any Further Questions.

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